AEROZINE components feature a lightweight & premium optics.


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Both elements of the brand name have a meaning relative to the company's philosophy: Aerozine, a rocket fuel in former times, establishes a link to the background - aerospace engineering for weight optimized products. Titanium, the most sophisticated metal - light like aluminium, tough like steel - plays an important role in the product range.

Processing titanium requires special knowledge and experience. Computer aided design and engineering, finite element methods (FEM), forging and CNC manufacturing are the basis for product development. Constant improvement by countless hours of research and testing as well as AEROZINE's dedication for aestethics result in perfect products without compromise in weight, function or strenght.

The goal of the products are a dynamic culmination of design, engineering and manufacturing. AEROZINE is constantly evolving in order to keep pace with the market and to raises its performance standards.