ALLIGATOR brake pads for Hayes® MX-2/3/4/Sole disc brake

2 high quality brake pad compounds for any application.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • superior braking characteristics
  • particularly attractive price
  • compatible with Hayes® MX-2/3/4/Sole

Product information & technical details



  • 2 different brake pad compounds allow an optimal choice for your field of application:
    • The organic brake pad is characterised by an optimal mix of durability, cold friction properties and braking power. This pad works best with brake discs, which have few and/or small holes to keep the wear in limits. It is asbestos free, has a high static friction coefficient and can be used in all weather conditions
    • The semi-metallic brake pad is an organic, harder brake pad with a higher amount of metal particles to increase durability, in contrast to the organic pads. It is therefore also more heat-stable, but has still great cold friction properties. Furthermore, the semi-metallic brake pads has a Thermguard™ layer of insulation between the compound and the base plate to reduce heat transfer from the brake disc into in the brake system. It is also asbestos free, has a high static friction coefficient and can be used in all weather conditions
  • Brake pad splint pin(s)/spring(s) is/are NOT included! Please order separately if required

Further details

Alligator's brake pad types
Compound Description
Organic The organic compound is an allround compound with a best ratio of wear compared with performance.
Great performance under low operation temperature of your brake.
Asbestos free
Fading resistant up to 380°C friction heat.
Semi-metallic This medium hardness brake pad with a high percentage of organic compounds provides one of the best ratios of performance and wear stability on the market. Not only the brakepower is higher than at the organic pads, also the wear stability is much better.
Great performance at dry and wet conditions - double the lifetime compared to the organic one.
Asbestos free
Fading resistant up to 500°C friction heat.

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