ALLIGATOR disc brake rotor 'I-Wave' with titanium-nitrite-coating

All-round disc brake rotor with optimum self-cleaning feature.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • self-cleaning design & universal in use
  • particulary tough braking surface thanks to titanium-nitrite coating
  • up to 23mm brake pad height
  • high quality stainless steel
  • for IS 2000 mount

Product information & technical details

Material: stainless steel
Disc brake rotor thickness: 1,85
Disc brake rotor mount: IS 2000
disc brake rotor's friction ring's height: 18
Disc brake rotor diameter: 160, 180, 203
The type of the brake part: brake rotor


  • I-Wave design for for optimal cooling and great looking
  • Good self-cleaning, if a foreign object is on the disc, and extreme low weight
  • Better braking power and better braking control
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Titanium-nitrite coating increases the surface hardness
  • Brake disc material: 410 stainless steel (the same material, which is used by many renowned manufacturers)
  • The stable form of stainless steel ensures a difficult deformability whereby the braking power is improved
  • Incl. 6x M5x10 lens head screw with TX 25 drive for the mounting of the disc to the hub
  • In use with the I-Wave disc brake rotor middle-hard or harder brake pads are recommended to minimize wear and maximize brake power. Alligator semi-metallic and ceramic sintered brake pads are recommended
  • 18mm friction ring height and therefore suitable for nearly all commercial disc brakes
  • It can be driven without problems with brake pads up to 23mm
  • Please note that the minimum brake pad size (WxH) of your brake pad must achieve at least 17x12mm to run this rotor without any limitation in functionalty


weight limitations*
rotor size
front/rear [mm]
100 160/160
120 180/160
140 180/180
150 203/180
165 203/203
*) Rider & bike ready to ride