ATLANTIC ball bearing grease

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • so that everything runs smoothly
  • lithium saponified
  • good corrosion protection

Product information & technical details

Capacity: 50ml, 1000ml


  • ATLANTIC ball bearing grease is a high quality lubricating grease of smooth consistency and short fiber structure. For rolling and plain bearings in industrial equipment, machine tools, motor vehicles and agricultural equipment, even under damp and dusty operating conditions; suitable because of the favorable consistency especially for automatic lubrication devices where greases of the consistency class NLGI class 2 are prescribed. It protects against corrosion and reduces friction heat
  • The operating temperature range is from -30°C to +120°C, briefly up to +130°C are permissible
  • Appearance: bright natural looking
  • Dropping point: 180°C
  • Worked penetration: 265-295
  • NLGI class 2
  • Water resistance: 1-90
  • Corrosion protection (EMCOR test): grade 0
  • Copper strip corrosion: grade 1-120
  • Passed SKF-running test B/110°C
  • Ash content is about 0.7 wt. %
  • Soap-based Li-12-hydroxy stearate
  • Kin. viscosity at 40°C: 110mm²/s

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