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100% made in the United States - the slogan of all CHRIS KING components.


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Chris King is fiercely independent by passing trends or fads. Careful consideration drives the actions. The company practices patience with new product and process introductions and is underpinned by quality craftsmanship and material selection. Uncompromising fit and finish standards support the lasting brand appreciation. Chris King appreciates the beauty in creative and elegant solutions.

The company practices good will and it is generous in its community. Chris King recognizes a responsibility to the local and global community. The journey began with a passion for bicycling and Chris King admires the adventurous spirit of the world’s cyclists and remain inspired to join them. It embraces the competitive nature of the sport of cycling across all disciplines and abilities and celebrate the bicycle daily.

Chris King is very proud of its manufacturing abilities. The manufacturing process, machining aluminium, steel and titanium bars, produces two things - responsibly light component pieces & a 'waste' product called chips. Chips are the metal shavings turned off the bar as a component piece is formed on a machine. But even these chips are recycled. Chris King also recovers about 98% of the waste oil from the chips, clarifies it and sends it back to the machines to make more parts. Oil savings are significant too, both in monetary value and in waste product kept from entering the environment. Manufacturing isn't just about making the very best final product; it's about responsible management of the process through every step.

Chris King sources metal stock only from high-quality US and Canadian mills with verified responsible manufacturing and labor practices. 100% of the manufacturing & assembly is done in the United States.