CYCLEPOWER pan head aluminium bolt 'ISO 7380' with M5-thread

65% lighter than steel bolts & a superior shine.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • polished finish
  • colored anodized
  • wide range of use
  • rolled thread
  • HEX drive

Product information & technical details

Material: Aluminium
Surface finish: anodized
Thread type: metric
Thread pitch: 0.8mm
Thread rotation direction: Right hand thread
Thread length: 12, 15
Screw head shape: Pan head
bolt head drive: HEX-socket
bolt grade: 5.8
max. torque: 3,5 Nm


  • Aluminium bolt with pan head (the bolt's head dimensions refer to ISO 7380 with the execption, that the drive is one size larger, than the standard)
  • Material: high-tensile strenght aluminium 7075-T6 (aircraft quality)
  • rolled thread
  • tensile strenght: 540-600 N/mm²
  • thread size/HEX-size: M4/3, M5/4, M6/5, M8/6, M10/8
  • Aluminium bolts have a versaitile use, but please consider the lower tensile strenght (in comparison with steel/titanium bolts) that may exclude aluminium bolts for some applications.