CYCLEPOWER countersunk aluminium screw 'ISO 10642' with M4 thread & Torx® drive

65% lighter than steel screws - and a first-class look.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

Product information & technical details

Material: Aluminium
Thread type: metric
Thread pitch: 0.7mm
Thread rotation direction: Right hand thread
Thread length: 10, 35, 60
Screw head shape: Countersunk head
bolt head drive: Hexalobular socket
bolt grade: 5.8
max. torque: 3 Nm


  • Aluminium screw with countersunk head, manufactured according to ISO 10642 standard, but with an internal hexagon (Torx) drive
  • Material: Aluminium 7075-T6 (aviation quality)
  • CNC machined precisely
  • Colour anodized and polished finish
  • Torx®15 or 20 drive
  • Tensile strength: 540-600 N / mm²
  • Note: the versions with 34 / 59.5mm length also have a sealing material on the thread, which seals the thread against liquids and gases
  • the length of the screw refers to the entire length of the screw including the head (not thread length).
  • Please note the lower strength of aluminium screws compared to steel screws. This can limit or completely exclude the use of aluminium screws. It cannot be answered generally whether and where aluminium screws have sufficient strength for the respective use. When in doubt, we advise against the use of aluminium screws, especially for safety-related screw connections.

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