CYCLEPOWER Chainring spider for an easy conversion of chainrings with 130mm BCD on cranksets with 94mm BCD & crankarm fixture.

Allows a Gates® Carbondrive toothed belt pulley to be attached to a Fatbike crank set.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Especially for cranks with 4-arm crank star
  • Asymmetrical fastening of a chainring screw in the crank arm
  • 3mm thick
  • High-quality CNC machined
  • Also suitable for chainrings

Product information & technical details

Material: Aluminium
bolt circle diameter: 94


  • This chainring spider can be used with cranks with a 94mm bolt circle diameter, which have an even, 5-arm bolt circle (72 ° angular offset from hole to hole) and with which a chainring screw is screwed into the crank arm (at the same time the crank has a 4-fold crank star)
  • Enables the simple operation of a chainring (single) or a toothed belt pulley (e.g. Gates® Carbondrive) on the respective crank. Please note that a chain change (2-way or 3-way switching) is not possible when using the chainring spider.
  • The chainring spider results in a 3mm chain line offset inwards / outwards (depending on the mounting position), which is particularly important when using a toothed belt.
  • The chainring or the toothed belt pulley with 130mm bolt circle diameter can be easily and easily mounted like on a conventional crank (only chainring screws are required for a single attachment to the crank)
  • High quality CNC-milled and anodized, therefore particularly light.
  • Explicit note: the chainring spider only fits cranks with a pitch circle of 94mm, where one of the five chainring fastening screws is screwed into the crank arm (e.g. Surly OD crank for Fatbikes etc.) and which also has a four-fold crank star.

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