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FORMULA was founded in 1987 by Andrea Becocci and his wife and partner Daniela Frati in Prato, Italy. The aim was to design and manufacture quality wheels and brakes for motorcycles. However, in 1993, development of MTB disc brakes changed the direction and the history of the biking industry and most importantly of FORMULA. FORMULA was the first company which successfully produce and distribute disc brakes for MTBs creating a market that is today crowded with competitors as well as professional and hobbyist riders. Diverse disc brakes are now assembled on a multitude of bicycle brands yet FORMULA remains true to its roots. FORMULA employees work in a technology driven environment, allowing them to enhance production in terms of quality and quantity. Constant monitoring of every process ‑ both inside and outside the company ‑ assures high quality standards.

Today FORMULA remains as an independent family owned company and a successful competitor in the bicycle and motorcycle industry. The headquarter is located in the heart of the Tuscany and works closely together with subsidiaries in Germany, France, the US, Canada and Taiwan to provide unique components, such as disc brakes, forks and wheels, around the globe.