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Fulcrum wheels s.r.l. designs and sells wheels and components for racing bikes in more than 30 countries. The headquarters are located in Arcugnano, in the area of Colli Berici, near Vicenza, Italy. Fulcrum wheels s.r.l. was founded in July 2004, namely from the cycling passion of three air and aerospace engineers. The strengths of this company are: Use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, as well as young and attractive design. Fulcrum wheels emerged for the road race, but since 2008 the fulcrum family includes two more innovations: the off-road wheels and cranks for racing bikes out of carbon fiber. Fulcrum wheels s.r.l. uses only ultralight materials such as aluminium, carbon fiber and aramid, but also ensures the resistance of the wheel. Unique are also the systems 2:1 two-to-one™, for the doubling of the spokes on the critical points, dynamic balance™, MoMag™ and A.F.S. (axial fixing system).

Fulcrum joins the world of tubeless wheels for road racing too and offers the innovative 2-way-fit system. Wheels by Fulcrum for road racing immediately earned the trust of the great athletes.