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Why Hayes Disc Brakes? Because brakes are the lifeblood of Hayes' business. The focus is to develop products that outperform in your application and outdo your expectations. Hayes has been around for decades, surpassing industry standards and setting the curve in performance. Hayes continually enhances, redesigns or introduces products with brake power and safety features.

Hayes Brakes was founded in 1946. That same commitment to design and performance was extended to the mountain bike market in 1997 when Hayes Disc Brake was formed. The products that Hayes Disc Brake introduced set a new standard for hydraulic bicycle disc brakes. Starting in 1997 with just three U.S. and six international distributors, Hayes Disc Brake now serves customers in more than 50 countries with warehouses in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

At Hayes Disc Brake, the employees are meticulous about research, development and testing. When the CAD work is complete, the engineers begin simulation work on their products and FEA software is used to analyze the stress and heat impact of the designs. The R&D department employs the latest technology and software to analyze the noise and vibration characteristics of the systems. And throughout the various stages of development, Hayes turns designs into completely functional prototypes. Outside of the lab, Hayes proofs these prototypes with fleet of hard trails and full suspension bikes. Portable data acquisition units and sensors track “real-life” conditions.