Special Offers, Bonus Programmes & Vouchers

Voucher Types

We differentiate between promotion vouchers and purchase vouchers.

Purchase vouchers (gift certificates), can be redeemed in combination with other promotional vouchers such as voucher codes received via our Newsletter.

Only one promotion voucher can be redeemed per order. However, these can be used more than once in some cases, i.e. separate orders must be placed in order to redeem more than one promotion voucher at a time. 

Please note the validity of the promotion vouchers. 

Discounted Rates for Returning Customers

Regretfully, it is not possible to request discounted rates for returning customers. Our products are sold to the end customer, i.e. we do not hold a separate price list for distributors. 

Coupon codes

You can easily redeem coupon codes in your shopping cart. The amount will be credited automatically. You can also buy coupon codes from us in the online shop in form of gift certificates.

Occasionally, we use the coupon codes for special sales - subscripe to our newsletter and stay informed! You can order or cancel the newsletter easily under „My Account“ - you have to be registered to do this.

Where can I find special offers and promotions?

Visit our website at our startpage for any current special offers.