bicycle tube for 559mm ETRTO-size & 47-57mm tire width

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

Product information & technical details

Material: Rubber
Valve type: scrader valve, Presta valve


  • Bicycle tube suitable for all bicycle tires and rims, which are designed for the same size.
  • The product name was chosen so that you quickly and reliably find the suitable hose for your bike. It is structured as follows: Description (manufacturer designation model), size, and type of valve (EV.) (L)
    an example: MTB tube, 47 / 62-203, DV 32 means that
    • the tube for a tire dimension of 47/62-203 by ETRTO (stated in mm # / # a width means the 3-digit number from to, # indicates the diameter) is. A use of the hose with a slightly breiterenReifendimension represents generally no problem.
    • the hose has a Dunlop valve (DV). Suffix 'AV' = car valve/Schrader valve, Sclaverandventil = 'SV'.
    • the number behind the suffix for the type of valve (DV, SV, AV) specifies the length of the valve in millimeters. If no number is specified as it is a standard length, as is often the case with AV or DV. This is mostly. 35-43 mm.
  • See this pdf [Link] for an overview and conversion table for inch and metric information.

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