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Every now and then, you hear stories about a person, who blessed with great passion and expertise, starts building products in the garage and ends up changing the world. One such story is that of Heinz Obermayer and his work partner. Well, the two men had a penchant for composite materials, which led to them building carbon parts for cars and carbon wheels at their tractor garage in Munich. One day someone came and asked, “Why don’t you try making something for racing bikes?” And the rest is history. After several years of hard work, the first disc wheel was produced in 1990. Propulsion and motion dynamics have always been hallmarks of the products.

Just as Heinz Obermayer was going to close down his tractor garage for good and enjoy a well-earned retirement, the inevitable happened one day at a bicycle trade exhibition. The recently founded company CarbonSports were presenting their new bike frame ad many people were just there to see the frame. What followed was a foregone conclusion. In October 2003, Lightweight started to trade under the name CarbonSports, now working closely with its own carbon specialists in Friedrichshafen to develop and produce its bicycle wheels. Lightweight is proud of its company history and can look back on a decade of engineering excellence and leading expertise in the field of carbon products. Ever since then, manual work processes have been a key feature of the product portfolio. The sharp eye for detail, the quest for perfection and highly precise work processes make it possible.