MAGURA MT7 HC Disc Brake with 1-finger HC Lever.

Massive power thanks to 4 pistons - Magura's new DH & Freeride brake.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 5-year tightness guarantee
  • 4-piston brake caliper
  • Optimal force distribution & powerful
  • First-class lever ergonomics
  • Flip-flop brake lever clamp

Product information & technical details

Material: Aluminium, Carbon
Intended use: MTN-Touring
brand: MAGURA
Disc brake mounting standard: PM 6"



  • With the MT7 HC (Hard Core) Magura has raised the brakes to a new level - 4-piston brakes for the toughest loads. 4 individual brake pads distribute the pressure on the disc better / more evenly, which means that heat is less and can also be better dissipated.

New HC brake lever for more ergonomic performance. Well-known motorcycle brands such as BMW and KTM are already using MAGURA HC technology to improve performance.

  • The ergonomics of the shorter HC aluminium lever enable full braking power, safely with one finger. The feedback and experience of Danny MacAskill also flowed into the design and the new ergonomics of the 12 mm shorter HC lever.
  • With the same weight as the standard 2-finger aluminium levers, the HC technology version noticeably improves the ergonomic performance.
  • The new brake lever can be retrofitted to all MAGURA MT disc brakes MT6 / MT7 / MT Trail (possibly MT8) from model year 2015.

  • Two-part handlebar clamp of the brake lever made of Carbotecture for easy assembly and universal use as a front or rear brake. Can be fitted with optional “Shiftmix” or “Remotemix” clamps.
  • Integrated expansion tank
  • Adjustable grip width
  • Brake lever made from Carbotecture material
  • One-piece brake calliper made of aluminium
  • EBT for quick and easy venting
  • Carbotecture® encoder unit, which is characterised by the following properties:
  • Extremely impact and break-resistant
  • Highest flexural strength
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio (density / tensile strength)
  • Perfect, closed surface
  • Mountable on both sides
  • Complete assembly of the disc brake and setting of all adjustment options possible with one tool (Torx 25)
  • Optimal heat dissipation thanks to the large surface on the brake caliper
  • Brake pads can be changed without removing the wheel
  • Low noise
  • Ergonomically shaped brake levers for small and large hands
  • Pistons work reliably even in sub-zero temperatures and on muddy paths (anti-drag)
  • Contents of delivery: Brake system without brake discs and without adapter, filled & vented. Under the menu item, accessories, you will find compatible brake discs or adapters for this product.

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