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Norco Bicycles is a bicycle manufacturer founded in 1964 by Bert Lewis and currently headquartered in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Bert’s dream was to build a bicycle which serves the needs of western Canadians, and he always believed in delivering high-quality, innovative products complemented by outstanding service. In the early days, Bert’s company assembled ten bikes per day for the local market. Today, Norco and LTP (another company of Bert Lewis) deliver more than 100000 bikes annually to cyclists around the world and distribute over 100 cycling brands in Canada. The company designs and distributes more than 150 bike models to more than 21 countries and has grown into a global company delivering superior cycling experiences to everyone, everywhere. Norco is well known for its contribution to freeride cycling through its VPS line of bikes launched in the late 90s.