PROLOGO saddle 'Nago Evo X8' with titanium-solid rail

Mountain race saddle with a new shape.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

Product information & technical details

brand: PROLOGO
Material: Carbon, Composite
Length: 280mm
brand: PROLOGO
saddle width: 135mm


  • The new MTB saddle from Prologo with design adapted specifically for MTB and stud pattern in the saddle nose, which effectively prevents slipping movements.
  • The titanium saddle offers high stiffness with very attractive weight.
  • microfiber cover, side protection and EV2 padding with 40% less weight while increasing elasticity by 20% for enhanced seat comfort.
  • Prologo Nago EVO X 8 TS is a saddle with semicircular shape
  • The comfortable padding with active densitiy allows different densities and resistance in the various seating areas of the saddle. So the comfort is increased significantly, whereas the pressure in the pelvic floor area has been minimized. The Easy Stroke design of the saddle supports with its narrower centre section efficient pedal movements and impact to performance.
  • The Nago EVO X 8 TS is the perfect blend of form, padding and lightweight.
  • Side Protectors protect the saddle side from abrasions
  • Technologies: Ti solid, active density, carbon fibre injection, U-clip

Further details

Active density Active density by Prologo is a damping system that is place at 3 areas on the saddle.
In the back tail a high density gel pad ensures maximum comfort. Exactly placed, where seat bone are situated on the saddle
The middle area of the saddle is reinforced by a gel padding of medium density, to minimize pressure in the perineal area.
In the front seat area, an extra soft gel is placed to reduce pressure, e.g. when you slip to the front due high pedaling forces or high inclination of your road.
At the same time, the saddle cover was divided into 3 areas and constructed according to the required & loads: in the rear seat area maximum stability and rigidity is needed, to carry the weight of the rider while in the middle section comfort is more important. The nose of the saddle was reinforced to acchieve sufficient stability.
Carbon fibre injection Carbon fiber is injected directly into the resin with this technology. The result is a material with high durability and comfort. At the same time it extends the shelf life of the saddle
Titanium solid A titanium saddle rail made of solid titanium tubes. HRC material: 36.6 +/-2.
U-clip U-clip is a fixing system by Prologo for a saddle bag or a rear light.


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