PROLOGO saddle 'Zero°-2 Pas 132' with Nack/carbon rail & CPC-paddings

Version 2.0 of proven Zero° saddle.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • carbon saddle rail
  • 132mm width
  • Microfiber saddle cover
  • Light foam padding
  • cut-out in the perineal region
  • CPC technology on the saddle cover

Product information & technical details

Material: Carbon, Composite
brand: PROLOGO
saddle width: 132mm


  • New saddle by Prologo for a wide spectrum of use, virtually for all types of bicycles
  • Carbon saddle rail offers high stability at very low weight
  • Microfiber saddle cover on a carbon-reinforced saddle base
  • CPC deposits provide better grip of the wheel pants to the saddle. At the same time, these deposits have shock absorbing, which provide an additional comfort
  • Anatomical cut out in the saddle cover prevents bruises
  • Light foam padding ensures the necessary biking comfort
  • Saddle with flat shape
  • Technologies: Nack, Pas system, Ergo shape design, CPC, carbon fibre injection, U-clip


Pas-System The Pas system has in the saddle cover a cut out, a channel or a hole, which reduces the pressure in the pelvic area and thus enhancing the biking comfort
Ergo Shape Ergo Shape is the latest result of Prologo's development upon ergonomc saddles. Reduced side flanges of the saddle and a complete new saddle design allow more space for pedaling and higher pedaling forces
CPC A completley new developed technology by Prologo to increase the adhesion of the rider on the saddle. Lots of tiny naps reduces slipping back and forth on the saddle while riding and increase the power. Furthermore those naps have a vibration damping effect and increase the riding comfort
Carbon fibre injection Carbon fiber is injected directly into the resin with this technology. The result is a material with high durability and comfort. At the same time it extends the shelf life of the saddle
Nack High-tech saddle rail by Prologo. Carbon fibres, reinforced by Kevlar, ensures maximum possible lightweight design and premium stability with much comfort. Aluminium particles in the clamping area reduces the risk of a damage
U-clip U-clip is a fixing system by Prologo for a saddle bag or a rear light.