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Companies that develop and produce their products locally are few and far between these days-yet they still exist, even in Germany. RIXEN & KAUL controls the entire production process of its products straight from the home base in Solingen, Germany - this includes everything from the first product idea on to the design, CAD, mold production, injection molding, assembly and packaging. The parts it does not produce by itself are made by suppliers according to its precise instructions.

Yet the true value of a product will only prove itself in real-life applications. R&K believes that the best way to develop good bicycle accessories is to sit on a bike itself. This is why the company is more than just a designer, engineer, and producer - the employees are themselves bikers with many kilometers and many years of experience. During their many trips on the road, both founders of R&K became closely aware of the need for better bike product solutions. It is out of this experience that KLICKfix was born - a quick-release system for bicycle accessories.

In 1989, under the brand name “KLICKfix”, RIXEN & KAUL introduced the first quick release item, the KLICKfix handlebar adapter. Many more adapters and specific solutions for nearly all possible mounting positions followed. Today R&K is a specialist for quick-release solutions on bicycles and offers a wide range of adapter systems on the bicycle market combined with its own large product range of accessories like bags, boxes, baskets and locks.