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RockShox was founded by Paul Turner and Steve Simons in 1989 in North Carolina, USA. Turner established in 1977 a company that sold motorcycle components. He later worked for the Honda Motor Company as factory mechanic and that put him in contact with designers of suspension systems for motorcycles and other motocross industry people. Simons is a former professional motocross rider and entrepreneur and he designed a shock absorber for the company that became Fox Racing Shox, and then established his own company Simons Inc. to develop suspension forks. In 1989, Turner approached Simons to develop a suspension fork for mountain bikes. Two years ago Turner had presented a full bike with front and rear suspension, but the industry was not impressed. Together with his wife, Turner was manufacturing suspension forks in his garage with parts bought from Simons, who soon partnered Turner in the newly formed company. Then Turner brought in Greg Herbold as a test rider and the success followed. Herbold became the first world champion in downhill mountain biking on one of the first suspension forks for mountain bikes made. The start-up was financed by the Asian bike component manufacturer Dia-Compe and other investors. Dia Compe manufactured the next series of forks but later it withdrew from manufacturing. Snince then the forks were primarily manufactured at Rock Shox.

The company consistently grew since its inception, but towards the end of the 1990s competition was fierce and profits were thin. Rock Shox was one of many brands that marketed suspension forks for bicycles. As the number of direct substitutes to Rock Shox's products increased, the company experienced difficulties in protecting its position as the leading manufacturer in the business. In 2002 SRAM took over Rock Shox and production moved from Colorado to Taichung, Taiwan.