ROHLOFF internal gear hub 'Speedhub 500/14', Tandem series with threaded axle & external gear box as well as OEM2 torque support

High reliability, optimum gear steps, wide range of gears, nearly maintenance free & easy to use.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • bolt-on axle
  • for rim brake use & with OEM2-camplate
  • high efficiency
  • precise & with solid working as a Swiss clockwork
  • with external gear mech
  • reinforced Tandem version

Product information & technical details

Material: Aluminium, stainless steel
Surface finish: anodized
brand: ROHLOFF
axle end diameter: 10mm
hub OLD: 135mm
sprocket-/chain size: 1/2" x 3/32"
Chainline: 58
Axle type: bolt-on axle


  • The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is designed for professional and recreational athletes on Tandems.
  • Given the higher loads on tandem the hub has reinforced dome studs. Furthermore, 2,5m long cables & wires are included.
  • High reliability, optimum gear jumps, wide overall gear ratio, nearly maintenance-free and easiest to use are the main characteristics of this product.
  • The encapsulated transmission guarantees a long life cycle even under extreme conditions. The uniform gear increments of 13.6% allows the rider always to ride at the peak of his performance. Total 526% overall gear ratio keep ready for any situation the right gear. Fun pur is guaranteed.
  • The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is operated via a twist shifter which shifts both the high - and the downshift about depending on a separate cable the hub. The indexing of the transmission is different to all previous shifting systems not in the shifter, but directly in the gearbox. This reduces wear and the need of regular adjustments.
  • The advantages of this gear hub are indisputable:
    1. almost completely maintenance-free. Up on the occasional oil change it is nothing to do on the Speedhub
    2. No regular gear adjustments: compared with traditional derailleurs shifting systems you need not to adjust the gear settings regularly
    3. No clicking of the chain: If the Speedhub is running in a frame with adjustable dropouts, there is no hitting of the chain on the chain stay, that causes wear to the painting of the chain stays.
    4. always perfect chainline: reduces the chain wear compared to conventional circuits significantly, because the chainline is always perfectly adjusted. This also increases the efficiency of the drive system.
    5. fastest switching: no derailleur system shifts faster! Both in the stand and also during pedaling, the Speedhub changes noticeably faster than any other derailleur, which requires at least a 3/4-turn of the sprockets.
    6. several gears in one turn: nearly all gears can be shifted in one twist - not matter if up or down-shifted. In the booth, while driving, always. A feature that is especially pleasant on MTB-riding.
    7. significantly lower sprocket wear: on the one hand due to the perfect chainline and on the other hand due the lack of chain jumping from sprocket to sproket, as it occurs on any derailleur shifting system, the wear is reduced significantly
    8. constant high efficiency: during the efficiency on derailleurs is guaranteed just in the ideal position of the chain (straight chain without a side bend) the efficiency decreases with every gear step that increase the side bend of the chain. Rohloff Speedhub has a constant high efficiency because the chain is always aligned straight forward to the front chainring.

Further details

Technical data sheet
Number of gears14
gear jumps13.6% of the total gear range of 526%
Disc brake mounting4x M8x0,75 bolts
cog threadM34x6, P6, tolerance 6H
Chainline54mm (or 58mm for 13t. sprocket)
Minimum chain transmission factor> 2.35 (up to 100kg rider's weight)
> 2.5 (from 100kg rider weight and/or tandem use)
Max input torque100 Nm
Grip angle of twist shifter21° per each gear step, 273° totally
Suffix explanation
CCCross country hollow axle. The Speedhub can be used with any standard quick release.
OEM/OEM2This referred to the types of axle plates with which the input torque is supported. Bicycle frames, which specifically set out for the use of a Rohloff hub, have specific left dropout. Please check this with your frame manufacturer's manuals, which type is installed.
OEM2 axle plate are exclusively for frames with disc brake mount according to international standard installed. Please note: Your bike frame must be designed for the loads of a disc brake. In case not, the hub may damage the frame and fractures come up with appropriate, consequent dangers to life.
EXIndicates the use of an external shift control box to the hub. Otherwise, it has an internal gear switching control. Speedhub's, which are designed for disc brake (DB versions) have always an external gear switch control.
DBStands for DiscBrake. Speedhubs with this suffix are designed for use with disc brakes. Note: the Speedhub is not compatible with disc brake rotors that refer to IS2000 (6 hole) or Centerlock fastening. It has an own bolt circle diameter of 65 mm (4 holes). The use of an appropriate disc is therefore essential. The other dimensions (distances to the dropout for example) correspond to IS2000 so that any trade-usual disc brake can be operated.

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