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Founded in 1918 by Mr. Herman Schoonhoven, Société Anonyme Pour I'Industrie des Métaux, or Sapim, has been producing spokes and nipples for over 90 years. From the beginning, maintaining a close relationship with customers has always been of the greatest importance for Sapim. By listening to the needs and wishes of the customers, whether professional or amateur, Sapim makes sure that its products are tailored to meet their requirements. Flexibility in the production process means new innovations are quickly brought into the market. At Sapim, your safety is its main concern. Therefore, only materials of the highest grade are used. Sapim is able to guarantee that every spoke and nipple is meticulously monitored and checked throughout the entire production process, bringing only the best to its customers.

Working together with hub and rim manufacturers, professional wheel builders and team mechanics, Sapim’s staff is always updated with the newest development in the market. Sapim does not only follow the market, it is changing it with innovative products in order to make better wheels. Sapim's success is due to rigorous levels of quality control, innovative products, and experienced staff. The Sapim process is based on the SCFT-system (Sapim advanced Cold Forging Technology).