SHIMANO shift/brake lever unit 'DuraAce Di2', 9070-series for 11-speed

Shimano DuraAce Di2 - latest technology of the pros for revolutionary driving experience.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

Product information & technical details

brand: SHIMANO
Material: Aluminium, Carbon, Rubber
brand: SHIMANO


  • Ergonomically designed shift/brake levers
  • Complete shifting of the cassette by programmable multi-shift function possible
  • Wide operating range

Further details

SLR-EV The new system with symmetrical Dual-Pivot side pull brake offers greater efficiency in the joint area and increased power and modulation while braking. The design with a roller and two bearings achieves a better efficiency in the joint area - short brake arms reduce friction in the joint area and strengthen the braking force.
SEIS The computerized switching system based on SIS (Shimano index system), however the shifting is performed electronically by the simple touch of a button. No effort is required by this technology while shifting, therefore the system is ideal in situations of stress and at shifting with cold hands.
Due to the electronic signal transmission, the maintenance is kept to a minimum. Furthermore the switching capacity can not be reduced by extended or dirty cables.
E-Tube The strechting-, frost - and corrosion-resistant system powered by "Plug & play"-connections all parts with electricity and provides interactive signals.
By the integrated interface SM-PCE1, the PC is connected and the firmware is updated

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