SHIMANO disc brake caliper 'Deore XT', M785-series

Shimano Deore XT - the right choice for your riding style

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 2-piece brake body
  • robust & reliable
  • ceramic brake pistons

Product information & technical details

brand: SHIMANO
Material: Aluminium
brand: SHIMANO
The type of the brake part: caliper


  • Shimano XT brake caliper with automatic pad adjustment and 2 contra-rotating pistons
  • One-Way bleeding
  • 2-piece brake caliper construction
  • Brake pistons made of ceramic composite material for the reduction of heat transfer from the brake disc to brake caliper
  • Brake pads with Ice-TEC technology

Further details

Ice-TEC This cooling technology for Shimano® disc brakes increases heat of all those components, which are directly influenced and exposed to heat: brake pads, brake disc, brake caliper and brake hose.
The brake disc with Ice-TEC has a triple-layered sandwich technology with an aluminium core and stainless steel outer layers. Friction heat is derived effectively by the cooling fins which run to the center of the brake disc.
Ice-TEC pads have cooling fins, which derive the friction heat from the brake caliper away.
Ceramic pistons in the caliper reduce the heat transfer from the brake pad on the brake fluid, which is in turn less jeopardized to reach its boiling point, what may result in a brake failure.
Overall the brake pad wear at high temperatures is reduced as well as the fading.
One-Way bleeding In this bleeding system the brake fluid is routed only in one direction. This prevents air bubbles inside the hydraulic system. Together with the funnel for the filling this technology ensures clean, fast, and easy bleeding.

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