BUSCH & MÜLLER  LED headlight 'Lumotec Fly IQ Premium' for hub dynamo power supply

Proven quality for years

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • integrated reflector
  • 80 lux illuminance
  • suitable for all bicycles

Product information & technical details

Power supply: dynamo


  • No LED can be seen in the middle of the radically new developed special reflector. Instead, a high performance LED is used indirectly as a light source
  • The light field of the LUMOTEC IQ Fly is maximum homogeneously illuminated and twice as wide as usual - only "nothing but light" thanks to the IQ-TEC
  • The LUMOTEC IQ Fly is supplied by normal 6V-dynamos. Therefore it can be used immediately on all bikes with dynamo. Of course, there is the LUMOTEC IQ Fly in the comfort and security versions by Busch & Müller with parking light (capacitor technology, without batteries) and automatic switch-on (for hub dynamos).
  • Extremely large light field with 80 Lux
  • The delicate "flying" headlight is protected and kept by a solid frame
  • Its design and its dual adjustment are unique
  • Works with any 6V-bicycle dynamo
  • Excellent illumination of the road
  • CAD calculated reflector and clear glass cover for high luminous efficacy
  • Function separation of light output and rear beam and control unit
  • Can be mounted on all bicycle types
  • Different light holders available
  • With German test mark


Product technologies
N The abbreviation for near field illumination. Busch & Müller mean by near field illumination the light power of IQ-TEC in the special reflectors which allow a light distribution, which had never before been reached: If the headlight is adjusted so that the brightest area with up to 40 Lux strikes 10 meters before the bike on the road, the cut-off line is located at about 18 meters. At the near field illumination, the illumination begins already 1 meter before the bike. Brightness in this area (with smooth transitions to the central area) is essential for a safe ride. The ride no longer results in a "black hole" and allows reactions to small bumps or obstacles through short, intuitive steering like while driving during daylight — a decisive gain of "perceived" and real security!
Senso Dynamo headlights with sensor function include a light / dark sensor and switch on automatically in less than a a certain brightness, so the cyclist need not to worry to switch the lights on. If a rear light is connected on the headlight, it is switched on and off via the sensor too.
In case that the headlights do not turn off, if for example the light of overtaking cars fall on the sensor, the sensor function has an eight-second delay.
Battery rear lights with sensor function have additional motion sensors. Only if the bike moving at night, the lights turn on.
T Spotlight with daytime running lights do not switch on and off, but automatically switch between day and night mode. The daytime running lights can support the attention in the coexistence of road users. So far, only motorized vehicles have this option for more security, but not bicycles. Busch & Müller has changed this now.
The daytime running lights technology builds on the LED-IQ-reflector technology, which revolutionized the light on the everyday bike with 40 Lux and more. Now the update of this headlight performance follows with the option of daytime running lights. As daytime running lights four or six signal LEDs light in the LED-IQ main headlights depending on the model. They serve only as signposts to other road users. This signal is not featuerd by a modern and correctly adjusted bicycle headlight alone, because its beam - limited upwards by a sharp cut-off line - is focused maximally on the road.
In addition, these headlights have a day / night mode and the headlight controls in the senso mode depending on the outer light automatically the switch on/off
Parking light Headlights and rear lights with electronic parking function have a built-in capacitor.
This is already fully charged after a short ride, and ensures that headlight and rear light light further while parking. So the cyclists remains clearly visible at a traffic stop for other road users.
Optionally the parking light can be manually switched off on some products if for example you want to avoid that the next bright bike attracts robbers
IQ-TEC The light revolution by Busch & Müller: A special reflector with an optimized cooling system uses a high performance LED as indirect light source. No LED can be seen in the middle of the reflector. The result is a light field that is very constantly lit and twice as wide as in conventional technology. Light effects can be positioned more accurately — for example, the near field in front of the front wheel can be additionally lighten.
IQ-TEC 2 The IQ-technology of the next generation: luminaire body position, reflector, LED and cooling system have been improved. Luminous efficacy and efficiency be enhanced using a prism. Additional LEDs combined with electronic control allow a "dynamic lighting", adapted to the driving situation. A spotlight powered by the dynamo generates a light field that is larger and more homogenous than ever before.