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Apollo Vredestein B.V. is part of Apollo Tyres Ltd from India. Apollo Tyres is a multinational with offices and production locations in countries such as India, South Africa and the Netherlands. The head office of Apollo Tyres is in the Indian city of Gurgaon. Apollo Vredestein BV has its head office in Enschede, the Netherlands. In 2009, Vredestein was acquired by Apollo Tyres Ltd, and the company name was changed to Apollo Vredestein BV. It designs, manufactures and sells high-quality tires under the Apollo and Vredestein brand name via offices in Europe and North America.

The Vredestein brand is over 100 years old and has achieved premium brand status in the automotive industry. Products include car tires, tires for agricultural and industrial applications, and bicycle tires. A significant part of the car tires is designed by the Italian design house Giugiaro. Apollo Vredestein is a flexible and market-oriented company, focused on continuous innovation and the optimal deployment of skills. It is a healthy, profitable company that generates a steady stream of new and innovative products of the highest quality. The challenging and entrepreneurial culture makes for a pleasant working environment where all employees are encouraged to develop.The strategy is based on a thorough market analysis. Products, pricing, distribution channels and communication are all defined with respect to established key performance indicators. To develop and produce quality products, it is necessary to continuously deploy new technologies and state-of-the-art machinery. Investments will therefore remain at a high level even after the modernisation of the production plant is completed.