VREDESTEIN bicycle tube 'Tour/Trekking/City' for 298mm ETRTO size and 32-37mm tire width

Particularly dense butyl bicycle tube for 16".

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

Product information & technical details

Material: Rubber
Valve type: Dunlop valve


  • universal bicycle tube, suitable for all bicycle tires and rims, which are designed for the same size.
  • The respective ETRTO dimension of the tire and the range of authorized tire width for this bicycle tube you can find in the article's title.
  • the ETRTO size can be found in the sidewall of the tire (e.g. 47-622), where the first two digits indicate the tire width in millimeters and the number after the hyphen shows the tire diameter at the bead (in mm). Likewise, you will find on the sidewall also the corresponding inch dimension (e.g. 29x1.9").
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