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WTB was founded in Marin County, California, in 1982, fueled by the need to create durable and reliable mountain bike-specific equipment. The original WTB crew was captivated by the experience of riding bikes on dirt trails and it started creating durable and functional components for its own bikes. Soon, local frame builders sought to outfit their bikes with WTB’s components. WTB was able to turn its passion for bikes into a successful business.

Today WTB's innovative components are used for trail riding, transportation, recreation and elite racing across the globe. After 30 years things have changed a bit here at WTB – the little garage has morphed into a real office and the bikes it rode and the components it made have evolved to meet the needs of today’s riders, racers and commuters. What hasn’t changed is the passion for cycling and the commitment to providing the cycling community with durable, reliable, high-performance components.