X-FUSION rear shock reducer, 2-part with diameter 12mm & 6mm

2-part alumnium reducers for a shock eyelet diameter of 12mm

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 6mm bore diameter
  • 12mm shock eyelet diameter

Product information & technical details

Material: Aluminium
brand: X-FUSION
Shock eyelet diameter: 12.0
bore diameter: 6


  • shock reducers for X-Fusion rear shocks
  • 2-part. reducers consists of 2 aluminum sleeves, 3-part ones of 2 aluminum spacer plus a continuous steel bolt
  • Please select the desired mounting width in the variations and keep a carefully look at the schematic cross-section drawing/illustration in the shop. In this drawing, it's clearly displayed, to which dimensions the advertised parameters belongs to.
  • Please note, that your choosen witdth of the reducers should be around 0,1-0,3mm under your measured width on your frame. If you choose the exact same mounting width like on the frame, the installation is slightly more difficult/tedious, because then the rear shock mount must be widened and improperly handling can cause damage to this.

Further details

Please note that our offered reducers are made to measure to the width you require and are therefore regarded as customer-specific goods, which means that consumers do not have the right to withdraw the order once the item is ordered.

Pay particular attention to the correct width that you select.