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Since 1991, Avid has been working hard to bring you the industry’s most dramatic improvements and enhancements.

The very first product - the Microdapter- was a simply adapter that allowed mountain bikers to gain a whole new range of low gears. It was a small detail, but made a huge difference, which repeated in 1994 with the invention fo the Speed Dial®. Few years later, Avid rocked the disc brake world by introducing a cable-actuated disc - the Ball Bearing Disc Brake - that outperformed any brake on the market, mechanical or hydraulic. Because brakes are only as good as their assembly, Avid created the easiest setup ever - the 3D Caliper Positioning System. Avid made with this something that always should have been a simple job actually simple. Another small feature, but another big deal.

You just know that if Avid got into the hydraulic disc brake game, it gets exciting.