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SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. is in continuous development since its creation in 1947. The company, based from the beginning in the outer suburbs of Paris, has progressively relocated the production unit in Trucy, in the Picardie region, from 1960 to 2009. In January 2010, SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. has transferred the whole activity 30 kilometres from there in Sissonne. SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A.’s manufacturing is specialized in development of high range bicycle chainrings for road, MTB, track….Others accessories are completing the chainrings’ offer: crank, bottom bracket, cassette, chainguard, bottles cage. The high technical skill is the basic value for SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. from its origin. The creation of an aluminium chainring has been the first important innovation for SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. Other innovations and new products followed.

The big words for SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. are: innovation, quality, accuracy, availability with a good quality/price ratio. To stay at the top of the technology, the product range is constantly renewed to be day after day in high performance. SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. managed by the third generation, is proud to be a family business which goes on produce in France.